Five ways to quickly switch from working for money to having money work for you

Since I started my journey of becoming location independent on Christmas Day of 2017, I’ve started a radical shift in the way I view the workplace, people, finances, and what I ultimately want from this crazy game called life. I’ve found that the key to switching from a lifestyle of trading time for money to having money work for you starts and ends with what you think about and how you act on those thoughts. In short: It’s all about mindset.

Through my new online business – which I will start sharing with you in a few weeks’ time – I have been blessed with six and seven-figure-per-year earners as coaches. I have a community of like-minded individuals battling some of the same daily struggles as I do and have been introduced to seminars and literature that have me realizing I don’t need to work hard for my money. I need money to work hard for me.

In the first book I read, called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, the author, T. Harv Ecker, states that it is most often excuses, self-inflicted barriers, and the subconscious that limit us from accepting change. These hindrances, along with the inability of people in dire financial stress to take educated risks are what limits the common individual to what I like to call the “9-5 rat race.” I’m working 70 hours a week. I’m not better than anybody reading this post that goes to work five or more days a week.

But I’m finally doing something about it.

The second book named The Cashflow Quadrant breaks down the four quadrants of earning: E (employee) and S (small business owner) make up the left half of the quadrant while B (big business owners with employees) and I (investors) make up the right. The path to financial well-being, freedom, and possible financial freedom lie on the right half of the quadrant. The problem, and what the book tries to inform its readers on how to do, is move from the left side of the quadrant to the right side in the most efficient and educated way possible.

Without further ado, here are six ways to start getting out of the employee-who-makes-his-boss-richer mindset to a mindset of an entrepreneur, or someone who solves other people’s problems for them so that in turn they can reap the rewards of other people’s time and other people’s money:

Stop making excuses

Everyone has problems. And I guarantee you whatever your problems are, there is someone on this planet who has it worse off than you. Instead of saying “poor me, I’m so sad,” notice the feeling of sorrow, grief, worthlessness, self-conscience, or whatever it may be. Realize it. Scrutinize it. Find an action plan on how to move forward in a healthy manner. Then move forward. This doesn’t mean forget or shove it down a deep hole in your subconscious. It’s how you rebound from places of deep pain that will determine how your short-term and long-term future will play out.

“Worrying about the past is pointless, and worrying about tomorrow takes away from the beauty of today.”

You are only unable to achieve what you tell yourself you can’t. The only thing standing in the way of where you are and where you want to be is work. If you have goals, an action plan and the effort to make something happen, chances are you have a fighting shot. The two biggest excuses for people who say they can not reach their goals in this life is “not enough time,” and “not enough money.” The difference between the wealthy and the poor comes down to purpose, drive, goals, passion, and hard work. You do not need money to make money. All people who are well off in this country were not born into trust funds, born to billionaire parents, etc.

Don’t believe me? Google Sylvester Stallone’s journey to fame.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

“You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.”

This quote in my training likely hit home for me more than most of you. I surround myself with people that I call wholesome, smart, kind, and loving people… on the internet. My best friends from back home in Wisconsin are some of the best people I know. Not only are they well-educated, but they stuck by me in times of need in my somewhat-troubled youth and saw below the exterior. They love me for me, and they show it. That goes a long way. But these people are like me in a number of ways: they are goal-driven, have a good head on their shoulders, and are not content with the status quo. Being able to talk to others about your dreams, passions, and ideas fosters more ideas, which eventually leads to action, which eventually leads to results.

In my current state of Washington, I live in a community of mostly 50- and 60-year-olds, and it’s kind of hard to make friends without a group of local pals. I am in many ways an introvert, enjoy my alone time, and would easily rather spend a night in with my dog listening to music with a glass of milk rather than go hit up a local pub or concert. The people I surround myself are majorly coworkers that work to drink or smoke the legal pot the great state of Washington provides its residents.

It’s been a complete month since I have rebuked every drinking opportunity after a shift, instead preferring and opting to stay in and read books or go to the gym. It’s done wonders not only for my productivity but for my freedom. Time is precious, don’t waste it.

Since the New Year, I quite literally deleted my whole Facebook friend list and re-added people from around the world that I barely know. This may seem random or weird, but I have found it truly fascinating. Of course, there are people I just don’t mesh with, but for the most part, I have found the people who accept my friend requests to be kind, inquisitive, and very happy that I have reached out to them. Many of them, they say, have been looking for the same thing. I quite literally threw all the toxic people out of my life.

I challenge you to do the same. You probably know of someone that every time you look at their posts or get together with them, you say, “Why the hell do I hang out with this person?” If you want to better yourself and get yourself in a good frame of mind for new goals or opportunities on your horizon, boot the bad eggs.

Stop caring about what other people think of you

The Law of Attraction is simple: Convey outwardly what you are looking for in terms of relationships, finances, and health, and those things will come back to you tenfold.

Growing up, I was a pretty social guy all the way through high school. But when I didn’t fit into the popular crowd or the guys on my basketball team wouldn’t invite me to any team get-togethers, I started to feel self-conscious. What is it about me that is so bad? I would look at myself in the mirror and start picking at my outward appearance and convince myself I was too ugly, too fat, whatever it was. The result was that I started hanging out with people who thought similarly, and my health, behavior, and self-esteem plummeted even more. Once I learned how to love myself and accept that I couldn’t be friends with everyone, I became my real self and attracted more confident and smart people to my social arena.

Everyone on this planet is unique. By acting like someone you’re not, it takes away from your own Personal Legend (if you don’t know what a Personal Legend is, stop reading this immediately, go to Amazon and buy Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist). Stop caring what people think about you, and the people who were meant to be in your life will come. I promise.

Throughout my coaching and training designed to get me ready for my new online business venture, I have found that in order to be successful, and in order to keep going through with something that has changed hundreds of people’s lives all around me, I need to find out what my purpose is.

Find your purpose and set goals to achieve what makes you happy

Some people’s purpose is to be a caring mother or father. Other purposes include helping others religiously, socially, economically or through non-profits. Some people’s purpose is teaching others how to take care of their bodies. I truly believe my purpose is to meet, learn from, talk with, and document people who look different than me.

I cannot achieve this in my current lifestyle. I believe that I am worth more than I am currently being compensated for and simply refuse to live below my means any longer. I don’t want to have to live paycheck to paycheck, sitting in a windowless room for hours on end until I die. I want to explore the world with camera in tow and meet people from all parts of the Earth.

No one ever achieved anything great without first getting out of their comfort zone. As Secrets of the Millionaire Mind says, comfort is a direct battle with success. For me, trying to make money online is about as far out of my comfort zone as I can get.

An Action List is simply putting your desired goal at the top of the piece of paper and then working backward to where you currently are. It can be a long and tiresome track, but necessary if you are trying to make a change in your life. For me, the top of my action list says, “Get to all seven continents before the age of 30.” All I have to do is put one foot in front of the other until I get there.

Read, read, read, and read some more

I feel like reading is somewhat of a lost art, especially with millennials like myself often content with hanging out on Snapchat, Buzzfeed, or Twitter to get their news and notes from around the country and around the world.

I think a successful person enjoys learning. Maybe not so much in a classroom setting; memorizing notes and regurgitating that information to get good grades. Success in life is often unlike the one in a classroom setting. As an entrepreneur or a person in general, the ways you fail and respond to that failure epitomizes your growth. In comparison, the fewer mistakes you make in the classroom often means you are an “A” student, but perhaps unprepared for the real world.

Learning to be a good weightlifter, mother or father, or investor are a few skills you don’t learn in a classroom. These areas take action, and humans are flawed individuals. If you forget to put a diaper on your baby and he poops on the floor, you will eventually learn to put a diaper on your baby. There are other people in this world that have likely been in your shoes, and there is literature in all these great things called libraries around our country that can teach you and train you how to become that version of yourself. In order to put one foot in front of the other, you have to realize where you are trying to go.

What do you want to learn more about and what are you going to do about it?

What do these things have to do with money?

On the surface, these five things separately may not give you the advantage you’re looking for in your bank account, but together these things make a potent combination of self-help, self-learning, and education to get you right between the ears to start making money and living the lifestyle you want to lead.

Your first assignment, read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

See you at the top.


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