The leap

What makes us as humans happy?

I don’t have the answer to that, and a lot of people seem to be searching right along with me. Sure … love, acceptance, success, money, and even a sense of belonging highlight many lists to the elusive question of, “the meaning of life.”

The nomadic lifestyle has appealed to me ever since I traded beer, cheese and farmland in my native Wisconsin for trees, mountains and oceans in Washington state – the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’ve followed staples in nomad media such as Nomadic Matt and OneStep4Ward and thought to myself, “How can I do the things these guys do, but in my own way?”

I’ve grown up around people who look like me my whole life. When I think back to the times in my 26 years of life that have made me the happiest, it has been the times I have been humbled, times I have experienced great beauty, and times I have learned about others who come from a different walk of life.

And so begins my quest to become a digital nomad. I want to change my secure and quaint office life for a life of exploration, a life of self-awareness, and a life of beauty. It won’t be easy, but as a great man once told me, “There is a difference between the easy thing and the right thing.”

Welcome to Skyscrapers and Mountains.


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